What you need to know

Some Questions Answered

WHAT IS IPTV? : IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It's where the internet is being used as a medium to view television channels on your TV at home. In other words, you use your internet connection to watch TV channels, movies and TV shows without an antenna or a satellite dish.
Internet speed needed for Streaming? You need to be equipped with a high-speed broadband connection. The speed of the broadband connection should be of at least 40Mbps.
How many connections coe one account? You can use your IPTV subscription on multiple devices. However, you MUST NOT connect more than ONE DEVICE AT A TIME. Ask us for discount if you have multiple devices.
What to do if a channel is not working If you are having an issue with a channel, you need to switch to another channel. This happens due to issues from the channel provider, which are beyond our control. You can take a look back at the channel after some time and it will work.
Do we give refund? No! We don't process refunds. That's why we offer 24 hours free trial account to everyone. (Please read our Refund Policy).
What if i need help? Please use our Telegram Chat Support. You can equally contact us via our contact form below if you do have questions/concerns.